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Bassmaker™ Stereo


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welcome to


your dad's briefcase

with 6.5" implants

bender approved

+12hr battery life

dual input madness

Wireless & 1/4"input


The perfect sound-system

for any mid-life crisis

Bassmaker™ Stereo

Engineered for excellence, the Bassmaker™ Stereo doesn’t just perform, it runs the show.

With its robust, hard-hitting bass and expansive long-range projection, this briefcase-inspired sound system promises to be the lifeblood of any gathering, keeping the rhythm going until way past sunrise.

Crafted with precision, our portable Bluetooth stereo is housed in a classic 20th century briefcase; a nod to the retro-revival aesthetic.

Boasting [2] distinct audio channels - powered by a cutting-edge mega-battery.Reliability meets longevity with +12 hours of uninterrupted playtime.

Ideal for performers, party aficionados, sideshows, and orators alike, the Bassmaker™ is not just a sound system—it’s a statement. Embrace the fusion of style and function, and experience unparalleled audio fidelity of Bassmaker™.



We offer [2] printing methods to meet your design or branding needs. With a range of speeds & complexity, we're ready to make your Bassmaker™ louder than ever.

Try our new Bassmaker™ Builder below to get started!

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