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BASSMAKER STEREO™ is a portable Bluetooth sound system system with a BOOMING amplifier, 6.5" Co-Axial Speakers, a second audio channel for plugins (¼” Jack), and a mega-battery that holds a charge for up to 16 hours of playtime.

Sound good? Yes. 
Yes it does.

Play your favorite music over the primary Bluetooth channel, or use The second 1/4" Jack to use things like microphones, guitars, and other instruments to play alongside the Bluetooth channel. 

Built for partiers, musicians, DJ’s,  presenters, announcers, promoters, and cult leaders alike.... anyone looking to make some real noise & meet the neighbours!  [Yes,   Bassmaker™ Stereo is also for Karaoke - thank you for asking] 

The reinforced wooden briefcase was a natural choice for a retro-revival nod to the working men & women everywhere. And like it’s users, the Bassmaker is an impeccably-built machine bent on musical domination. Beyond the patented interior design, the Bassmaker™ Stereo’s “take me with you” handle changes the portability game completely.

Not to mention, Bassmaker™ is the ultimate sound system for travel purposes (TSA Approved), and a pretty piece you’ll be proud to board any flight with.

Be sure to check out our Customize page to learn more about designing your very own Bassmaker! It's the perfect corporate gift, trade-show tool, or promo item to help bring your marketing efforts to full volume.